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The warehouse is the logistics structure for the deposit and storage of goods. It must be able to receive goods, store them (Material Handling Internal) and make them available for sorting, shipping, and delivery. The Warehouse is a fundamental support for logistics that is, for the organization of the various organizational, managerial and strategic regulating the flow of goods (and information) in and out. The optimal management of a warehouse must be able to allow to minimize the cost of self-storage (Efficiency) and to be able to arrange and prepare the goods to be shipped on schedule (Effectiveness).

The operational management of a stock is strongly linked to the type of plant and its organization. However, we can identify some major common activities in all stores.

Receiving Goods: And the stage where the structure receives on deposits the goods to be kept for a certain period of time. Therefore, necessary to provide room for all the goods and resources that deal with placing them in the warehouse. Upon receiving the warehouse shall perform the quality control operations, at the incoming goods to the one indicated on the bubble and its integrity, and quantitative control, counting and verification packages correspond to the details on the bubble.

Storage Goods: The storage is a warehouse of goods and products in Singapore for a short period of time. Correct storage must ensure the protection of the goods against damage and its rapid withdrawal for sorting and shipping operations. This is possible only if you have previously made an encoding of the stations (lane number, serial number, level number) that allows effective management, and automatic times of operations. The allocation of goods in stock requires a number of additional services such as printing labels, packaging etc.

Internal handling: It contains all those moving operations that take place within the same deposit. These are made for reasons of logistics especially at the time of receipt or dispatch of the goods. These activities are done by internal staff through the use of pallet truck or stacker cranes.

Sorting: The catalog preparation system used in warehouses provides for the immediate distribution of the goods delivered by suppliers in the special areas or “market places” and his expedition in the outlets concerned.

Shipping and Delivery: And ‘the stage where the goods are procured and prepared to be sent to the recipient. It defines Shipment identifiable quantity of goods (ready to be) sent through one or more modes of transport and specified in a single DDT, ie Transport Document, or Accompanying Bull.

Benefits arising from warehouse

In addition to storing the goods, allowing you to split the production from their consumption, the warehouse allows exploiting economies of scale in transport, preferring more capacious means for deliveries from the distribution centers and vehicles of small size for frequent deliveries and episodic such shipments at end customers.