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From books and sofas, up to large paintings and pianos – no job is too small or big for us. Our experts are here to relieve of any moving-related stress.

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The Best Moving Company in Singapore!

Moving to a new home can be daunting– and we’re well-aware of that. Rodex Movers is your trustful partner when it comes to moving your household or your business to a new location. We don’t only help you move your belongings – we assist you in transforming this process into a stress-free experience. This is what makes us the very best moving company in Singapore.

You might be wondering why our customers say that Rodex Movers offer the best moving services in Singapore? We like to think that’s because of our staff. We currently employ more than 40 experienced movers who are trained to help you in the best way possible. This includes protecting your belongings during packaging and transport. Every single piece of furniture we handle is protected by soft pads and layers of stretch wrap. In the end, you’ll be left with damage-free furniture, without spending a second worrying. We are sure we’ll leave you impressed.

When it comes to our pricing, you should know that Rodex Movers offers incredibly competitive rates. When it comes to cheap movers in Singapore, you’ll hardly find a better deal than ours.

Still not convinced we’re the best moving company in Singapore? Feel free to contact us and set up a free consultation with our specialists.

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Rodex Movers was established in 1978 with a purpose of providing superior relocation services in Singapore. Our reliable and professional team of movers is ready to assist you through every single step of your move. We take pride in our employees, who are known for their unmatched customer-oriented service. Decades of experience and a large number of satisfied customers are our biggest

Looking to move your household or your business to a new location? Don’t have enough time to pack everything? Are you in a big hurry? Don’t worry because we can help with any moving project. This is what makes us the best moving company in Singapore.

Here’s what we can help you with:

If you’re looking for the best cheap mover in Singapore, look no further.

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  • Competitive pricing
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  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Highly trained, friendly and professional team
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Maximum cost efficiency and minimum disruption

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Ways to save money while moving to Singapore?

A move is always associated with different investments: emotions, strength, concentration, and the financial investment.



6 Mistakes during your moving

Relocation error 1: Move with bag and pack: Especially those who like to do everything at the last minute often do not plan enough time for the relocation preparation.


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Step by step guide to Packing and Moving

Moving from a place to a new place is not an easy task and a person needs to be very careful about packing and moving by the movers.


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