Things to know before you sign up a house moving package in Singapore

Shifting to a new home is a monotonous and time-consuming task. Well, before you sign up for house moving package, there are a few things that you need to know in order to facilitate smooth execution of the moving process. While professional mover can help you save money and keep your goods in good condition.

So, before proceeding further, read the tips below,  it will help you save money for house moving.

1. Ask Mover Measuring Your Goods Before Tell the Price

When you are looking for house movers in Singapore, never trust a company who agrees to a certain price before they actually measure a number of goods. It will cost you unexpected money! It is taught by the professional movers that a good mover always visits before settling for prices. They never agree to payments over phone or Internet chats. Likewise, they will not be ready to give a certain fixed price until they have seen things and measured every element. The companies who work on calls or Internet basis are usually run by their disconnected teams, who are rushing to close a sale and leave the team to work things out.

On the other hand, these amateur movers do ever job with one mission and that is- Fit whatever you have into whatever bags they have brought!

2. It’s Better Pack the Boxes by Yourself

If your things are already well packed in boxes, you can certainly ask for negotiations. If they turn it down, consider someone else. Most of the reputed movers are happy to cut off prices when items are packed into boxes.

While packing, you should label the boxes as per category and mention what they contain. It will help in handling and keep from missing or mishandling of expensive stuff.

3. Ask for the Fewest Trips

The fewer number of trips it takes back and forth, the lower will be the moving cost. Instead of asking them how many trips they will take for relocation, you should suggest them how many trips you want them to make. They will suggest one more trip for safety but then again, say No to them! When you get to talk to two to three companies, you will get a fair idea of how many trips are worth moving.

4. Show mover your lists to avoid the hidden cost

Give the mover a list of all the items or box numbers you will be shifting. While sofa, beds, and large furniture are to be moved independently, small items are prone to get broken, forgotten or mishandled. Further, giving a list means you are providing them with no chances to add on some additional cost to your bills. Since everything will be mentioned in written, a good mover will oblige to take it and work accordingly.

The Best House Movers in Singapore Known for Reliable House Moving

Rodex Movers offer a high level of house moving services all the time. Our experienced team takes ultimate care while packing your goods and make sure they get delivered safely to the destination and also provide the disposal services for your house waste. More valuable items such as collectibles and other delicate materials like glasses are custom packed in tough packaging to ensure they don’t get damaged on the way.

Added value for house moving services:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Labeling of goods
  • Loading and unloading
  • Highest quality packing materials (boxes, tape, crates etc.)
  • Professional and friendly manpower support
  • Well-maintained vehicles for smooth transportation

Why select us as
your mover?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable and efficient service
  • Stress-free moving experience
  • Extensive industry knowledge
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  • Customer-oriented approach
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