Safe and Reliable Office Movers in Singapore

Moving commercial space can be an overwhelming experience. The mere thought of relocation can lead to several worries. At the same time, you also hope for the good as it could be a life-changing step for you and your business. However, even more stressful is finding movers in Singapore upon whom you can rely during the entire commercial moving process. It’s a tiring and tedious task to move the old stuff to a new place. You have to carefully handle large furniture as well as small, delicate and fragile items that are of great importance to you.

We, at Rodex Movers, understand your worries and, therefore, offer you the most reliable and efficient services for commercial moving in Singapore. If you are looking for professional movers in Singapore, your search definitely ends with us! We ensure safe transporting of your commercial goods through our seamless and systematic process.

We serve both small scale and big scale relocations. We offer strong packing materials that are designed to provide a perfect grip and protection to your goods. In addition to that, we also offer warehouse and storage facilities to those who do not want each and every good to be shifted to new place. This is also a great facility for those who want to accommodate the growing goods, equipment and marketing materials. We not only offer the manpower, materials and storage facilities but also provide you complete satisfaction with our transport services.

Rodex Movers has successfully undertook moving projects that have involved 30 employees to 1000 employees over a single move weekend. We are best known for accommodation tight project timelines. Our flexibility allows our clients to have minimum operational downtime, making us a leading moving company in Singapore for such moves.

Following are some of the services we offer for commercial moving in Singapore:

  • Packing and Unpacking of Documents
  • Building management support
  • Seamless transportation and Logistics management
  • Point to point dismantling and assembly of workstations
  • Warehousing relocation projects within Singapore
  • Professional handling of safe, Copiers, Paintings and Antiques
  • Friendly crew and well-trained Move managers
  • Protective coverings on common property, floors, corridor walls and lift paddings
  • Full protective wrapping of IT equipment
  • Computer server decommissioning & re-commissioning and other IT related services
  • Reinstatement works
  • Providing label identification and preparing full inventory
  • Conduct the physical move as per appointed move schedule

Prior to the move, our move managers are able to provide a pre-move assessment and subsequently to provide a comprehensive risk advisory service and arrange for additional insurance coverage.

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Why select us as
your mover?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliable and efficient service
  • Stress-free moving experience
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Highly trained, friendly and professional team
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Maximum cost efficiency and minimum disruption